Reliable live backing.

No more laptop.

The Idoru P-1 is a simple, compact and tough multi-channel audio and midi backing track player. Designed specifically for live musicians.

Simple setup and pack down

Take the stress out of gigs. Self-contained so you don't have to deal with cable spaghetti. Plug it in and you are ready to go.

Compact and tough

So you can tour light and worry-free. The IDORU P-1 is highly portable and built to withstand the rigours of the stage and road.

Perfectly synchronised MIDI playback

The IDORU P-1 plays both MIDI and audio files, and outputs MIDI clock. So you can control your synths and drum machines in time with your audio playback,or even play a synced light show via a MIDI to DMX converter.

High-end audio quality for a professional performance

The IDORU P-1 is built by specialist engineers to a high-end pro audio specification. So you will sound your best on the night.

6 separate outputs to cover all your backing and click track needs

Up to 6 stereo WAV files can be routed and mixed to any output. Send a separate click track to your drummer, or a custom mix to your on-stage monitors. While the sound engineer gets seperate channels for better control over your live sound.

Intuitive software makes preparing your set a breeze

Easily setup, backup and transfer playlists to the IDORU P-1 with the accompanying software. Available on MAC and PC

Reliable playback system so you can focus on what counts - your performance

No worries about crashing laptops, and fragile audio card connections. IDORU-P1 is built specifically for the job.

Adjust your mix on the fly

Re-balance your tracks directly on the device, whether at the venue, rehearsal space or at home. No computer needed.

Idoru P-1 audio outputs

Removable SD cards store all the playlists you need

No more memory limitations. You can store all your tracks on one card or have multiple cards for multiple sets.

Control your set using your hands or your feet, or with a MIDI controller

The IDORU-P1 has built in footswitches for use as a pedal and push buttons for desktop use. It also has a USB port so you can trigger tracks with any compatible USB midi controller.


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